Disintermediated Solutions to efficiently resolve substantial disputes without enormous legal fees and other burdens.

How Much Does It Cost?

It’s really not an issue. EnsureResolve is not a legal business, and we don’t provide legal aid. We want to disintermediate the legal process and use simple tools to ensure resolutions for businesses and people with difficult problems—big and small. We don’t do it to make money. We are repeatedly asked to explain further.

One day I sat at the lake in Tahoe thinking about COVID-19, and what I could tell my kids, or their kids (who practice moot court at 7 years old), if they ask whether I made the world any better. I thought about the pro bono cases I handled: the Pentagon Papers-type case I worked on for the ACLU; and the defense in the Supreme Court of my friend Bill, the Director of Central Intelligence, who was wrongly accused. I thought about the defense of a young, scared Frenchman who was “detained” by immigration at JFK just because he was gay—which in the 70s was characterized as “immoral” and as sufficient grounds for exclusion. And, I thought about the charities I supported.

These were good deeds, but they are not worthy of the Légion d’honneur that was awarded to my friend Samir for liberating French hostages in Lebanon. And I didn’t disintermediate the stock market like Thomas who made it accessible to small investors around the world. I didn’t write the first textbook on psychotropic drug therapy like Henry did. I did fight all the way up to the Appellate Division trying to eliminate the annoying exact change fare requirement for New York City buses, but the judge, who actually was a friend, David, wrote a scholarly opinion, and I lost the case.

Shatter The Mold

The legal process can be painful, destructive and wasteful. This is graphic in the COVID-19 tragedy. Suffering businesses hope insurance will quickly help. But a world war erupted between them and the Insurance Industry. The war will drag out as some Policyholders are abused by “professionals” who fuel it with antipathy–now fashionable with angry CNN and Fox “reporters” and our politicians. Disintermediation can shatter the worn out mold driving the legal process. Instead of being dragged into a legal hassle and sitting on a courtroom bench, efficiencies from disintermediation can provide Policyholders with time to enjoy a lake, and the Insurance Industry can apply the savings to lower our premiums.

Disintermediation – A Better Way

The insurance coverage issues are not difficult but their resolution is not as clear as it could be. Taking advantage of this, some lawyers, and other middlemen chasing fortune, appear to manipulate suffering business owners. They have used simple issues to create a massive global litigation crisis—the bigger the better for the middlemen and, of course, the more expensive. It simply does not have to be this way. It is easy to hit pause and stop the music, disintermediate the process, push the lawyers aside, and use the savings productively.

Thinking about the antipathy affected my body—I checked my Fitbit. My heart rate increased. I looked at the Lake, and thought about my friend Bruce, who liked big deals. He used to say: “Reach beyond yourself and dare to be great.” That’s when I conceived EnsureResolve. The question of “how much” just isn’t part of it.

I am not a missionary, but I did leave the Lake happier, with hope and whistling: “What the World Needs Now….” That’s why we are putting one foot in front of the other and trying to “just do the thing, right?”

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